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    • 17 APR 19

    The big three: knowing the risks of mouth cancer

    The C word is enough to fill any of us with fear, and this is completely understandable, especially as cases of certain types of cancer continue to steadily rise despite improvements in medicine. What this comes down to is awareness, as these increases can be partly contributed to people being in the dark on the

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    • 03 APR 19

    Dr Michael Sultan meets Sir Geoff Hurst

    Dr Sultan and son were invited by Club Wembley to watch England vs Czech Republic for the recent Euro 2020 qualifier, where England thumped the visitors 5-0. They also got to meet England’s World Cup hero Sir Geoff Hurst!

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    • 29 MAR 19

    Could virtual worlds offer real life relief?

    Videogames have transformed immeasurably over the last twenty years. Many now have exceptional graphics and stories that can take hundreds of hours to complete and some even allow people to step directly into their worlds through the use of Virtual Reality (VR). But what does the evolution of videogames have to do with healthcare or

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    • 08 MAR 19

    Could virtual reality videogames help combat chronic pain?

    The videogames of today are almost unrecognisable from the 8-bit glories of the past. Whilst many of us first encountered these virtual entertainments in game arcades where the biggest challenges were the likes of Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, today, games have evolved into something altogether different. Many now have sweeping narratives that span hundreds of

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    • 01 MAR 19

    Should we redecorate to reduce anxiety?

    When faced with patients who have anxieties, as professionals we should do everything in our power to try to create a welcoming, calm environment that helps to allay these fears. Whilst some of us may try methods such as playing calming music or even scenting our waiting rooms with soothing fragrances, one thing that we

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Endocare Root Canal Specialist London - Embarrassing Bodies

Click on the link above to see what happened when we were invited by Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies to treat a patient who was suffering from an extreme case of  teeth grinding.

ENdocare Welcome Video

Click on the link above to watch an overview of what we do and to learn more about EndoCare.

Weekend Opening

Endocare Root Canal London and Richmond surgeries are now open on Weekends. If you need to see a Root Canal Dentist on Saturday or Sunday then we are now open. For details of our new weekend opening hours please contact us now.

Patient Testimonials

Thank you for treating my dental pain, it was a great relief! Thank you also for the care I received while visiting your practice.

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Fraser Gray
Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did for me. I can smile again!

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Zita Drew
Just a quick but BIG thank you all for making what was a frightening and miserable procedure into an experience I could hanle. If there had been more people like you all, I would have a much healthier mouth. It was a pleasure meeting you and your kindness is much ...

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Georgia F
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Mr. Sultan for the excellent patient care I received last week. My reluctance to proceed with the surgical treatment was apparent, but with your advice and reassurance, I am sure that I made the right decision. The procedure, though ...

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Just to say thanks for the coffees & friendly, supportive chats. You certainly helped to take the edge off a stressful time for us.

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Rod & Sue Witheridge
This is just to thank you for the root-canal treatment which you carried out on my tooth last Tuesday afternoon. All has now settled down and I can chew on the tooth as normal. I think that we both had a tough ninety minutes last Tuesday but for me it ...

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David Thomson
Thank you so much for looking after our nanny Noelia! Thank you also for offering her such a generous discount for your excellent treatment. She asked me to pass on her thanks also. With best wishes.

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Quentin McCoach
Thankyou so much for once again saving a difficult tooth!!  Another thankyou is due to you for your gift to my daughter of the recipe book written by your aunt. Noelle returned to Dubai with the book firmly tucked under her arm. She returns in July for the summer and ...

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Sheila Ferris

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