Referral FAQs

  • We work closely with our referring dentists and aim to become an invaluable member of your team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either via the contact form on this website, or by calling one of our practice’s on the telephone numbers listed below. 

Most Common Questions from Dentists

Some of the most common questions that we receive from dentists are listed below. If you have any questions that are not answered below please contact us for further information:

Why should I refer to EndoCare?

At EndoCare we bring together a leading group of experienced endodontic specialists, ready and available to assist you and your patients with all aspects of this challenging procedure. We welcome all contact from our referrers and are happy to discuss cases, offer help and give advice on all aspects of Endodontics and patient care. We hope you will come to regard us as another part of your team. We aim to look after your patients in the same efficient and caring manner that you would, returning them to you pain-free, confident and happy with the quality of treatment they have received.

How do I benefit?

Many of our referring dentists are delighted to have a resource that specialises in root canal treatments, as it can be a stressful, yet slow and laborious procedure, which can hugely disrupt their daily schedule due to the often-urgent nature of the work. Referral ensures that your management of time is optimised, while your patient will receive immediate care and can expect the best results. Referral to a dedicated endodontic referral centre such as EndoCare also helps prevent those treatment errors that can cause unnecessary complications. We are at the very forefront of endodontics, both in terms of technology and training. We employ the most up-to-date equipment, allowing us to ensure a great technical and biological result delivered in a calm, reassuring manner.

How do I start referring?

We welcome referrals from all our colleagues and can send out a referral pack on request. Please feel free to use our online submission form and please be completely confident that your patient will receive the optimal care and treatment and be referred back to you. We sincerely want to develop a real relationship with our referrers and welcome you to visit the practice to meet us and discuss any issues you might have. We issue CPD certificates for attendance.

How will my patients benefit?

Your patients will be seen in a warm, friendly and caring environment. Our Endodontists are all highly trained in the use of state-of-the-art equipment, which means that treatment is faster, more efficient and can be completed in fewer visits. We use digital radiographs that deliver lower doses of radiation, while providing us with immediate images. Our NiTi instruments ensure fast, accurate preparations and use of the Wand offers more comfortable injections, all of which results in smoother treatment and happier patients.

Which cases should I refer?

The decision that has the greatest impact on the quality of patient care during root canal treatment is choosing whether or not to refer. We welcome all referrals, from diagnosis to checking the endodontic status of teeth prior to crown and bridgework. We excel in treating anxious patients, dealing with anaesthetic problems and other challenging issues such as hot pulp cases and re-treatments.

We are also happy to remove posts and take on elective treatments in cosmetic cases. We will perform endodontic microsurgery if indicated, but whatever decision we make, it will always be in the best interests of the patient.

How long does treatment take?

We endeavour to complete most treatments in a single visit of between one and two hours, depending on how complex the treatment is. If the tooth is very infected or it is an emergency visit we will ensure immediate or urgent dental pain and infection control is taken care of, then everything will be completed in the regular fashion during the next visit.

How do you conduct your relationships with general practitioners?

The best way to achieve quality patient care is by building close relationships and maintaining good communications between the patient, the referring dentist, and of course ourselves here at EndoCare. Our willingness to discuss patient cases and give endodontic advice to our colleagues has enabled us to build up great and positive relationships with all our referrers. By making sure you provide us with all the relevant information about a patient’s medical history, social history and restorative treatment will help to ensure that we can make the correct treatment decisions for the very best outcomes. Once treatment is complete we will send you a follow-up report, including pre- and post-treatment information. We will also provide a prognosis of the treatment, as well as additional treatment recommendations (such as if immediate restoration is recommended) as necessary.

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Weekend Opening

Endocare Root Canal London and Richmond surgeries are now open on Weekends. If you need to see a Root Canal Dentist on Saturday or Sunday then we are now open. For details of our new weekend opening hours please contact us now.


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