Endocare in the Press

Publication Year / MonthPublication EditionPublicationTitle
2016-03March '16The DentistWhat's Next
2016-03March '16The ProbeWorking Together
2016-03March '16DentistryConfident to Offer Endodontics
2016-03March '16Private DentistryConfident to Offer Endodontics
2016-03March '16Dental SupplyRefer Your Cases to Us
2016-03March '16GDPUKSomething to Smile About
2016-03March '16Dental WebWorking Together
2016-02February '16Dental SupplyEndocare Working Together
2016-02February '16The ProbeMore Than Just a Referral Clinic
2016-02February '16The DentistFor Better or Worse
2016-02February '16The DentistMore Than Referrals
2016-02February '16Private DentistryExtension of Your Team
2016-02February '16DentistryMore than just a Referral Clinic
2016-02February '16Dental WebMore than just a Referral Clinic
2016-02February '16Dental ReviewHigh Quality Treatment
2016-02February '16Dental ReviewMultiple Clinics
2016-01January '16 Dental ReviewMore Than a Referral Clinic
2016-01January '16 Dental WebTogether Save More Teeth
2016-01January '16 DentalRepublic.co.ukWork Together
2016-01January '16The ProbeCare & Compassion
2016-01January '16The DentistA Caring Profession
2016-01January '16DentistryAddressing the Problem of FGM
2016-01January '16DentistryEndodontics for Your Patients
2016-01January '16Private DentistryFrom Beginning to End
2016-01January '16GDPUKProviding Better After Care
2016-01January '16SmileOn NewsProviding Greater Aftercare
2015-12December '15The ProbeSave More Teeth
2015-12December '15Private DentistryNatural Teeth for Longer
2015-12December '15Dental SuppliesCare and Compassion
2015-12December '15Dental ReviewCare and Compassion
2015-12December '15Dental RepublicConsistent Changes
2015-11November '15DentistHomogeneous service
2015-11November '15Dental WebMore than just a Referral Clinic
2015-11November '15Dental ReviewEndocare and you
2015-11November '15DentistryReferring for Endodontics
2015-11November '15DentistryNatural Teeth for Longer
2015-11November '15DSMTogether Save More Teeth
2015-11November '15GDPUKDental Profession Discussion
2015-11November '15Private DentistryEndodontics With Care
2015-10October '15DentistAn Ongoing Battle
2015-10October '15DentistPatient Focus
2015-10October '15The ProbeSomething for your Patients
2015-10October '15Dental WebSomething for you and Your Patients
2015-10October '15Dental SuppliesMore Than Just a Referral Clinic
2015-10October '15Dental RepublicProviding Better Aftercare
2015-9September '15Private DentistrySave Teeth
2015-9September '15The ProbePeace of Mind
2015-9September '15The ProbeBest Endodontic Care
2015-9September '15SmileOn NewsDon't Let The Past Change the
2015-9September '15DSMSomething to Smile About
2015-9September '15DentistrySave Teeth
2015-9September '15Dental WebBest Endodontic Care
2015-08August '15The Dentist Saving Teeth
2015-08August '15DentalWebSaving teeth and changing lives
2015-08August '15Dental Supplies Online The best endodontic care
2015-08August '15Dentistryreferring Patients to Save Teeth
2015-08August '15The ProbeSaving Teeth & Changing Lives
2015-08August '15The DentistHealthy Living
2015-7July '15The ProbeNatural Teeth
2015-7July '15Private DentistryNatural teeth
2015-7July '15GDPUKHealthy Balance
2015-7July '15DentistNatural for Life
2015-7July '15DentistHearts and Minds
2015-7July '15Dental WebNatural Teeth for Life
2015-7July '15Dental RepublicStriking a Healthy Balance
2015-6June '15The ProbePain Management
2015-6June '15The ProbeWe Need Your Help
2015-6June '15GDPUKChanging Attitudes
2015-6June '15GDPUKGood News
2015-6June '15DentistryNatural Teeth for Life
2015-6June '15DentistEndocare
2015-6June '15DentalWebNatural Teeth
2015-6June '15DSMNatural Teeth for Life
2015-5May '15The ProbeSomething to Smile About
2015-5May '15iDentNewsPain Management
2015-5May '15GDPUKSome Good News
2015-4April '15DentistWhere's the proof?
2015-4April '15Dental Supplies Magazine Give them something to smile about!
2015-3March '15GDPUK.comAre we happy?
2015-3March '15Smile-OnNews.comThe "facts" are fallible
2015-3March '15Dentistry Dental Tourism
2015-3March '15Dental Supplies MagazineWe need your help!
2015-2February '15The Probe Peace of mind and pain-free
2015-2February '15DentalRepublic.co.ukAre we happy?
2015-2February '15Dental Supplies Treated like family
2015-1January '15The Probe Actions speak louder than words
2015-1January '15The Dentist Intergrated care
2015-1January '15Dental Supplies it's not what we say; it's what we do
2014-12December '14Dental PracticeThe Best Possible Hands
2014-12December '14Dental WebThe Best Possible Hands
2014-12December '14DentistryThe Caring Kind
2014-12December '14Smile On-NewsDental tourism
2014-12December '14The DentistTrusted Specialists
2014-12December '14The DentistEuphemisms or excuses
2014-12December '14The ProbeThe Best Possible Hands
2014-11November '14Dental PracticeSupport when you need it most
2014-11November '14Dental WebSupport when you need it most
2014-11November '14Dental NewsNurture Your Brand
2014-11November '14GDPUKNurture Your Brand
2014-11November '14The DentistEndodontic Support
2014-11November '14The DentistWhat is a Brand
2014-11November '14The ProbeSupport When You Need it Most
2014-10September '14Dental WebEndocare Part of the Family
2014-10September '14DentistryPart of the Family
2014-10September '14Private DentistrySpecialist Dental Care
2014-10September '14Smile On-NewsNurture Your Brand
2014-10September '14The Dentisttrusted Specialist
2014-10September '14The DentistFear or Crisis
2014-10September '14The ProbePart of the Family
2014-08August '14Dental TribuneDifficult Diagnosis
2014-08August '14Dental WebDifficult Diagnosis
2014-08August '14DentistryDifficult Diagnosis
2014-08August '14Endodontic PracticeEndocare Team
2014-08August '14GDPUKRisks, benefits and Costs
2014-08August '14Private DentistryEndocare Awards
2014-08August '14Smile On-NewsProfessional, Inspiring and Current
2014-08August '14The DentistDiagnose & Treat
2014-08August '14The ProbeDifficult Diagnosis
2014-07July '14Dental NursingOur Team
2014-07July '14Dental PracticePatient Care is our Concern
2014-07July '14Dental WebEndocare About Us
2014-07July '14DentistryEndocare Team
2014-07July '14The DentistTime to be Evangelical
2014-06June '14Dental NursingEndocare
2014-06June '14Dental PracticeDifficult Diagnosis
2014-06June '14Dental WebDifficult Diagnostics
2014-06June '14The DentistPrefer to Refer
2014-06June '14The DentistA Marathon not a Sprint
2014-06June '14The ProbeComprehensive Root Canal Treatment
2014-06June '14The ProbeTake Control during Endodontic Treatment
2014-05May '14Dental NursingThe Endodontic Nurse & Patient Care
2014-05May '14Dental PracticeTen Thousand Teeth in Ten Years
2014-05May '14Dental TribuneDifficult Diagnosis
2014-05May '14Dental WebTen years, 10,000 Teeth
2014-05May '14DentistryDifficult Diagnosis
2014-05May '14GDPUKDentistry it ain't what it used to be
2014-05May '14Smile On-NewsKeep Running
2014-05May '14The DentistA Gentle Nudge
2014-05May '14The DentistEndodontic Referral
2014-05May '14The ProbeExceeding Expectations
2014-04April '14Dental TribuneExceeding Expectations
2014-04April '14Dental WebTen Years
2014-04April '14DentistryTen Years
2014-04April '14The DentistDifficult Diagnosis
2014-04April '14The DentistTen Years
2014-03March '14Dental PracticeEvery Tooth Counts
2014-03March '14Dental PracticeEvery Tooth Counts
2014-03March '14Dental TribuneTen Years 10,000 Teeth
2014-03March '14Dental WebEvery Tooth Counts
2014-03March '14Dentistry10,000 Teeth
2014-03March '14GDPUKNo Free Lunch
2014-03March '14The DentistRing The Alarm
2014-03March '14The ProbeFighting Dental Pain
2014-02February '14Dental PracticeSupport When You Need it Most
2014-02February '14Dental TribuneEvery Tooth Counts
2014-02February '14Dental TribuneSaving Teeth
2014-02February '14Dental WebSaving Teeth
2014-02February '14DentistryAbout Endocare
2014-02February '14GDPUKToo Frightened to do Treatment
2014-02February '14The DentistSaving Teeth
2014-02February '14The DentistLiving in Fear
2014-02February '14The ProbeEndodontic Referral Treatment
2014-01January '14 DentistryEndodontics at EndoCare
2014-01January '14 Dental WebEndoCare an invaluable member of your dental team
2014-01January '14 Dental Tribune EndoCare - An invaluable member of your dental team
2014-01January '14Smile-OnAre we living in too much fear?
2014-01January '14The ProbePain free Endodontic treatment
2014-01January '14GDPUKHow much is a good dentist worth?
2013-12December '13 The Dentist Endo Referrals
2013-11November '13The Probe Appreciating Value
2013-08August '13DentistryComplete Dedication
2013-03March 11-17Dental TribuneEndoCare - The best service, guaranteed.
2012-03MarchThe ProbeMichael Sultan comes clean on washer-disinfectors…
2012-03March 5-11Dental TribuneDealing with injecion anxiety
2012-02FebruaryThe ProbePerspectives in practice…
2012-02February 6-2Dental TribuneAll change? Or back to basics?
2012-02February 15-19Dental TribuneManaging expectations
2012-02February 27 - March 4Dental TribuneThe right to be pain free
2012-01JanuaryThe ProbeWhy we should always mind the gaps…
2011-12DecemberThe Probe OnlineCQC - An interesting but worthwhile challenge
2011-12DecemberThe Probe OnlineThe Endodontosaurus is not extinct
2011-12DecemberThe ProbeMichael Sultan discusses new tools available for endodontics…
2011-12DecemberThe Probe OnlineManaging acute pain
2011-12DecemberThe Probe OnlineAre antibiotics required for endodontics?
2011-12DecemberThe Probe OnlineWhat makes a good rep?
2011-12December The Probe OnlineWhy should the profession stand proud?
2011-12DecemberDentalTubules.comThe Right to be Pain Free
2011-11NovemberThe ProbeWhy veneer preparation is paramount
2011-11NovemberThe ProbeMichael Sultan discusses the evolving world of dentistry and looks at the "next phase"
2011-11NovemberEndo PracticeI couldn't practice endo without…
2011-10October 10-17Dental TribuneWhen veneers take the edge off a smile
2011-08AugustThe ProbePerspectives in practice…
2011-07JulyThe ProbeAntibiotics: "Take these just in case"
2011-07July 11-17Dental TribuneChlorhexidine as an endodontic irrigant
2011-07July 18-24Dental TribuneDo periapical radiographs tell the whole tale: a case report
2011-07July 18-24Dental TribuneThe fallout from Channel 4's Dispatches
2011-06June 15-19Dental TribuneThe ultimate goal - clean canals
2011-05May Endodontic PracticeTechnology in endodontics - innovation and ouch
2011-05May 16-22Dental TribuneThe Endodontosaurus - A dying breed?
2011-04AprilPPDTooth Avulsion - A Parent's Nightmare
2011-04April 25 - May 1Dental TribunePhantom thresholds
2011-02FebruaryDentistry ScotlandTreating a peri-radicular abscess
2011-02FebruaryThe ProbePerspectives in practice…
2011-02February 28 - Match 6Dental TribuneAre we deluding ourselves?
2011-01JanuaryPPDI couldn't do without…
2011-01January 17-23Dental TribuneRoot resorption, inside or out?
2011-01January 24-30Dental TribuneAge and Endodontics
2010-12DecemberThe ProbeAn adjunctive technique to endo irrigation
2010-12December 13-20Dental TribuneOne great cocktail of fear
2010-11November 8-14Dental TribuneManaging expectations
2010-10October DentistryThe art of communication
2010-09SeptemberThe DentistFirst impressions
2010-09September 27 - October 3Dental TribuneThe pain factor
2010-07July 19-25Dental TribuneThe fight against bacteria
2010-07July / AugustPrivate DentistryBuilding a referral practice
2010-07July / AugustPrivate DentistryEndodontics and implants
2010-06June 28 - July 4Dental TribuneKnow your patients
2010-05MayEndodontic PracticeThrough the keyhole
2010-05May 5-9Dental TribuneEndov implants
2010-04AprilThe ProbeA complicated endodontic case
2010-04April 6-11Dental TribuneRoot canal re-treatment: to treat or not to treat?
2010-03March 29 - April 4Dental TribuneNumbing the pain
2010-02February 22-28Dental TribuneAn amicable split?
2010-02February 22-28Dental TribuneTreating a peri-radicular abscess
Endocare Root Canal Specialist London - Embarrassing Bodies

Click on the link above to see what happened when we were invited by Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies to treat a patient who was suffering from an extreme case of  teeth grinding.

ENdocare Welcome Video

Click on the link above to watch an overview of what we do and to learn more about EndoCare.

Endocare Blog

Click on the link above to read our blog. We regularly release new articles and posts to allow you to stay up-to-date with all of our latest news.

Weekend Opening

We are now open on Weekends. If you need to see a Root Canal Dentist on Saturday or Sunday then we are now open. For details of our new weekend opening hours please contact us now.


Harley Street Root Canal Clinic

99 Harley Street

Contact this Clinic:
Call us: 0207 224 0999
Email us: CLICK HERE


Richmond Root Canal Clinic

4-6 George Street
Surrey TW9 1JY

Contact this Clinic:
Call us: 0208 912 1340
Email us: CLICK HERE

Endocare Richmond - Root canal treatment

EndoCare - Root Canal Specialist Harley Street & Richmond - Root Canal Treatment for London - Press

  • Root Canal Treatment

    You may require root canal treatment if you have pain or swelling associalted with your teeth.

  • Read More
  • Root Canal Re-Treatment

    We can help if you are having problems with teeth previously root canal treated by other dentists.

  • Read More
  • Endodontic Microsurgery

    Using the latest surgical techniques we help save teeth even if root canal treatment is not possible.

  • Read More