Diagnosing Dental Pain

Dental pain can take many forms and is not always easy to assess. At EndoCare we are experts at diagnosing and treating dental pain, and our team of Endodontists are all dedicated to your care and wellbeing. Some of our example cases are outlined below.

Diagnosing Dental Pain - Case Study 1

I had a root canal treatment by another Endodontist. However after four months the tooth was still very painful. When I saw Dr Nicolai Orsteen at EndoCare he located a previously missed fourth canal. Thanks to Nicolai’s treatment I am now completely pain free!


Case Study-1: X-Ray taken after 6 months.


Case Study 1: Before treatment.

Diagnosing Dental Pain - Case Study 2

I was told that I needed an extraction by another dentist because of a large infection and the severe pain it was causing me. I wanted to try to save my tooth and saw Dr Nicolai Orsteen at EndoCare for a second opinion. We decided to try to save the tooth with a re- treatment. He located two previous missed canals and re-filled my tooth. Now 12 months later I am without any discomfort and the tooth feels like new!


Case Study-2: X-Ray taken after 12 months. Good healing is evident.


Case Study-2: Before treatment. Note the dark areas below the roots.

Diagnosing Dental Pain - Case Study 3

I had excruciating pain in my lower left jaw. My dentist could not diagnosis where my pain came from, so I went to EndoCare for help. It was there that I had a consultation with Dr Nicolai Orsteen, who managed to find the right tooth, and after his treatment I was completely pain free.


Case Study 3: The lower left second molar was the tooth that caused the pain.


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