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COVID-19 – Dentists

During these unprecedented times all Treatment have so far stopped at EndoCare due to the risk of spread of Covid 19.

We are now cautiously reopening with enhanced procedures aimed at keeping both staff and patients protected so that treatment can once again be carried out in a safe environment.

Before you make an appointment we will be asking various questions to make sure that staff and other patients can be well looked after:

Nobody with Covid symptoms is allowed into the practice.


  • How are you generally?
  • Do you have a temperature at the moment and if so, is it over 37.8 degrees centigrade?
  • Do you have a new persistent cough?
  • Have you got or have you had muscle pains?
  • Have you got or have you had a persistent headache in the last 14 days?
  • Have you become breathless or are you more breathless than usual?
  • Have you lost your sense of taste and/or smell within the last 14 days?


Nobody who is asymptomatic but self-isolating should come for an appointment.



Our Root Canal Treatment Clinic Locations

Endocare Root Canal Specialist Harley Street

Harley Street Root Canal Clinic
99 Harley Street

Contact this Clinic:
Call us: 0207 224 0999
Email us: CLICK HERE

Endocare Root Canal Specialist Richmond

Richmond Root Canal Clinic
4-6 George Street
Surrey TW9 1JY

Contact this Clinic:
Call us: 0208 912 1340
Email us: CLICK HERE

Endocare Richmond - Root canal treatment

Endocare Root Canal Centre - Root Canal Specialist - Our Team

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