• Dr Daniel Flynn has a site dedicated to Endodontic Training in London. This video explains the content of the courses that he runs. To visit his dedicated website for Endodontic Training in London and for full details of available courses CLICK HERE.

Endocare Root Canal Specialist London - Embarrassing Bodies

Click on the link above to see what happened when we were invited by Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies to treat a patient who was suffering from an extreme case of  teeth grinding.

ENdocare Welcome Video

Click on the link above to watch an overview of what we do and to learn more about EndoCare.

Our Clinic Locations


Harley Street Clinic 99 Harley Street London W1G 6AQ Contact this Clinic: Call us: 0207 199 3464 Email us: CLICK HERE


Richmond Clinic 4-6 George Street Richmond Surrey TW9 1JY Contact this Clinic: Call us: 0208 912 1340 Email us: CLICK HERE


Moorgate Clinic Smilepod (Ground Floor) 24 Chiswell Street London EC1Y 4TY Contact this Clinic: Call us: 0207 199 3464 Email us: CLICK HERE

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