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There is a lot of bad press
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Dr Adi Moran

"If I could destroy one myth about root canal treatment it would
definitely be about pain. Unfortunately this topic is misunderstood
by most patients, by no fault of their own"

- Endocare Endodontist

Dr Michael Sultan

"I would have fearful anxious patients in pain and I would help
alleviate suffering and I honestly think this is the most worthwhile
thing to do not in dentistry but in the whole of healthcare"

- Endocare Clinical Director

Dr Nicolai Orsteen

"One of the greatest rewards from working in room canal
treatments is that the end of the appointment the patient tells me
that I kept my promise that it would not hurt"

- Endocare Endodontist

Dr Satinder Matharu

"I see many patients who are nervous and my aim is to make the
patient journey as stress-free as possible. The most rewarding
aspect of my work is getting a patient out of pain"

- Endocare Endodontist

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  • It’s time to speak up

    These days, if you flick through the national press looking for news about dentistry, you’ll most likely find nothing but vitriol. Indeed, the media seems to enjoy lambasting our profession for almost anything. Of course, while this is never pleasant reading, I do think it is indicative of a larger issue – especially when you

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Patient Testimonials

Thankyou so much for once again saving a difficult tooth!!  Another thankyou is due to you for your gift to my daughter of the recipe book written by your aunt. Noelle returned to Dubai with the book firmly tucked under her arm. She returns in July for the summer and ...

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Sheila Ferris
Just a quick but BIG thank you all for making what was a frightening and miserable procedure into an experience I could hanle. If there had been more people like you all, I would have a much healthier mouth. It was a pleasure meeting you and your kindness is much ...

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Georgia F
This is just to thank you for the root-canal treatment which you carried out on my tooth last Tuesday afternoon. All has now settled down and I can chew on the tooth as normal. I think that we both had a tough ninety minutes last Tuesday but for me it ...

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David Thomson
Thank you so much for looking after our nanny Noelia! Thank you also for offering her such a generous discount for your excellent treatment. She asked me to pass on her thanks also. With best wishes.

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Quentin McCoach
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Mr. Sultan for the excellent patient care I received last week. My reluctance to proceed with the surgical treatment was apparent, but with your advice and reassurance, I am sure that I made the right decision. The procedure, though ...

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Just to say thanks for the coffees & friendly, supportive chats. You certainly helped to take the edge off a stressful time for us.

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Rod & Sue Witheridge
Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did for me. I can smile again!

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Zita Drew
Thank you for treating my dental pain, it was a great relief! Thank you also for the care I received while visiting your practice.

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Fraser Gray

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  • Root Canal Treatment

    You may require root canal treatment if you have pain or swelling associalted with your teeth.

  • Root Canal Re-Treatment

    We can help if you are having problems with teeth previously root canal treated by other dentists.

  • Endodontic Microsurgery

    Using the latest surgical techniques we help save teeth even if root canal treatment is not possible.